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In this section you will find the fruit of many years of passion and research. Going to jewelers from an early age, love for the jewel in itself is born, as a design, as an art, not always as a preciousness inherent in it. After so much study and research, so many years ago this filigreed brass collection was born, inspired by ancient, national and French jewels. Among them you can find reinterpretations of Sicilian, Neapolitan or Florentine, Abruzzese or Pugliese models.

Filigree Jewelry

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Pendant rrc001cam

Antique nickel-free galvanic brass filigree pendant, free nickel, on which red and white cubic zirconia are mounted.Pendant measures: 8.5 cm high X 6.0 cm long. Comes with a free nickel brass chain, approximately 45 cm long.

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Pendant rrc002

Brass nickel free and filigree pendant in galvanic antique gold, nickel free . Small white or red zircons are mounted together with small white beads.Measurements: height 8.5cm x 5.7cm widthThe pendant comes with a chain in free nickel brass about 45 cm long