Brass filigree ring, free nickel galvanic antique gold and white and red cubic zirconia.The ring is adjustable from size 9 to size 20.Measurements: 5.3cm long x 2.2cm wide

40,98 €

Brass and galvanic filigree pendant

55,74 €

Brass filigree bracelet, antique rose gold galvanic, free nickel, and central red cubic zirconia.Measurements: 19.5cm length x 4.7cm width

73,77 €

Closed monachina filigree earring

20,49 €

Filigree earring with closed monachina, in brass, in galvanic antique rose gold free nickel and cubic zirconia red or blue or white. Measurements: 3.2cm high x 1.5cm wide

20,49 €