About us

The company, the name of which can be translated into "The World of Wonders", was started many years ago, from the love of the owner Guglielmo Ciafrè for
vintage art and the magnificent world of antique and traditional Italian jewelry.
Passion, along with creativity and a strong connection with ancient art and the old world, combined with a deep knowledge of History, Art and the experience of
a goldsmith perfected over the years, gives life to refined and unique jewels, embellished with hard stones and cubic zirconia, of the most varied and intense
All the works present in the website and in the many catalogues than can be provided, are handcrafted in brass and processed through nickel free galvanization,
with the application of cubic zirconia and crystal or cultured pearls.
The final result of the individual processes being totally artisan based, can therefore be different from the original process in relation to the cubic zirconia or
hard stones used.
All the works can be handcrafted in more precious metals and processed accordingly with the application of any desired selection of stones and pearls.
Our work is the result of continuous research, based on the desire to achieve uniqueness, originality and refined results, far from creating something purely
commercial, or merely fashionable.
Our continuous research and professionalism were thus rewarded some years ago with the Award of Artisans of Excellence.
We operate within our new, recently rebuilt laboratory, located in Ascoli Piceno, open exclusively to traders and distributor, while the exhibition and sales, aimed
at private customers, takes place through our constantly updated website, and in the many open-air summer markets and a few luxurious resorts on the Adriatic
We are also temporarily present in a few of the well known Italian Malls during local artisanal exhibitions and fairs and during Antique Exhibits and Flea Markets
along the Italian Abruzzo and Marche Coast where our presence is repeatedly requested.